Hawaiki Nui Va'a

Every year in October, Huahine, the departure of the imposing high seas pirogue race: "Hawaii Nui Va'a." A colorful international race where canoeists from the Pacific Islands, North and South America, and even from the metropolis, not to mention the many local clubs, can be measured. 

We can count up to 100 crews, and this race, very physical, lasts three days: three stages that take the boatmen from Huahine to Raiatea, then to Taha'a and finally to Bora Bora for an apotheosis. 

It's an impressive race that, over a weekend, quadruples the island's population. 

All of Polynesia is buzzing for this event which, proportionately, reminds a little the atmosphere of the "Tour de France." (see www.hawaikinuivaa.pf or www.tahitivaa.com).

A few photos

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