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Prices and reservations

Rate per night

Number of persons Baby under 2 years one pers 2/3 pers. 4/5 pers 6/7 pers. More than 7 persons
Rate per night FREE 17 500 f cfp/147 € 20 500 f cfp / 172 € 24 000 f cfp / 202 € 27 500 f cfp / 230 € Additional bed for 1 500 f cfp / 13 €

Our reductions

For a full week's stay, the seventh day is offered
Honeymoon couples, for a full weekly stay, a bottje of Champagne is offered with our congratulations

Reductions for long stays

Reduction per week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks
reduction in % 18 % 25 % 40 % 50 %

Possible to rent by year 

SOS SERVICE BEBES (baby sitting)

For vacationing couples arriving with a baby, "baby sitting service" is available. Why forego an ontrip to a restaurant, or an excusrion because you must care for tour baby ?
"SOS Service Bébé" is on hand !! During your absence, we will care for your baby in the best conditions, according to your instructions.
(More  informations on site)

Conditions of reservation

After choosing your dates and checking availability, we ask, at the time of confirmation of your stay, a deposit of 25 % of the total amount which you may send by cheque to our adress (this cheque will not be cashed before your arrival)
We thank you for providing your time of arrival so that we can may collect you at the airport (the transfer is guaranteed and free)/ Final payment at arrival can be made by local cheque, local cash, €uros, CB Visa/Mastercard, travellers cheques.
To be noted : a deposit will be asked at arrival for The Car and the boat, refund at departure.


For more informations on your stay, just write us and for your reservation, contact us by clicking here

Huahine vacances. RC 36238 A. NT 149880. Tel/Fax : (689) 68 73 63 BP 10 Fare, HUAHINE, 98731 PF.