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Welcome to the site HUAHINE VACANCE

Welcome to HUAHINE -The island -woman- who will warmly receive you in calm and peace.

A destination out of the commun run, Huahine is a real garden of Eden, still wild and overflowing with primitive sensuality, which makes it particulary fascinating.

The inhabitants of Huahine, wellknown for generosity and benevolent character, for their welcoming and their sense of humour, will with pride acquaint you with an island imbued with mystery. Testimony lies in the numerous archeological remains, especilly the impressive royal Mara'e, former sites of sacrifices to the gods.

Visiting these sites is surely an opportunity to feel the authentic and wild spirit of Huahine

Circuiting the island, you will also be able to discover sacred eels with blues eyes, which you may yourself feed, the superb Maeva lake with its fish traps centuries old, or visit a pearl farm, a vanilla plantation, or even the little sunday morning market in Fare where fishermen, farmers and other merchants meet in the breezes scented by the fruits of the island -melons, watermelons, bananas, mangoes, pineapples, coconuts and vanilla-

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The Huahine Vacance villas are nestled in the bay of Maro'e, where the cruis boats come to moor
Huahine, the authentic island

                  Jacqueline and Michel

To know

Every year in the month of October, the start of the awesome canoe race on the high sea, called "Hawaiki Nui Va'a" take place in Huahine.
An international contest with much colour where paddlers are competing coming from the pacific islands, North and South America, and even from Metropolitan France, without mentionning the numerous local clubs
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Other informations

Do you know that it was on Huahine that was shot the film "The prince of the Pacific", with the well-known actors Thierry Lhermite, Marie Trintignant, Patrick Timsit, as well as local actors and manu others.

An exotic and appealing adventure which took place during yhe first world War.
During your stay, perhaps you will discover the place where this full-length film was made.
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